IGN Brings Us 41 Tiny Ways in Which ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Blew Our Tiny Minds (VIDEO)

Grand Theft Auto V
Three different cell phones? What a time to be alive.

Since the first announcement of the game, its smoke-billowing Hype Train was focused on one thing: that Grand Theft Auto V would be the most vibrant and expansive sandbox world to date.

Do you want to steal a heavily-armed jet from the military base and go on a brief-but-explode-y crime spree, until the authorities shoot you down in a flaming ball of blood, pain and twisted metal? Or indulge in a little tranquil yoga, golf or tennis? You have all kinds of options, batshit crazy or otherwise.

So Los Santos is certainly packed with things to do. At the same time, there are many minor details that we disregard, as we barrel along the highway en route to shooting some drug dealers in the nuts. These are the little touches that truly bring the city to life. After all, if you parked your car in the middle of the road, wouldn’t you want pissed off motorists to give you the finger and call you a mother ‘effer? Of course you would. The remarkable attention to detail of Grand Theft Auto V makes it happen.

As you’ll see in IGN‘s compilation above, it’s impressive stuff. Female NPCs wandering around the streets will get nervous if you follow them, for instance, and even call the cops. Just like in real life (y’know, apparently).