‘How to Date a Gamer Girl,’ With the Sextastic Raychul Moore (VIDEO)

How to Date a Gamer Girl Header
Wise, geeky words. Apparently.

Because, as we all know damn well, this is an entirely separate species right here. You can hardly wander down the sidewalk without encountering a whole gaggle of sexy girls (well, we can’t), but sexy gamer girls? They’re rare indeed.

These are elusive, mystical creatures, and encounters are about as likely as happening upon a leprechaun, unicorn and yeti having a threesome in a forest clearing (and that’s too much hairy sex for any man). So if you do find a genuine gamer girl, not the ‘poses for photographs with a games controller over their cooch’ sort, you need some expert advice. Failing that, you need someone to spout some utter B.S.

Well fear not, because Raychul Moore has all the B.S you’ll ever need. We didn’t even know that it was possible to ‘turn women on with your knowledge of video games,’ but someone should alert the lonely nerds of the world immediately. Take a look above for more of the lovely lady’s insight.