Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Forking with Grand Theft Auto V’s Trevor

That’s forklifting with Trevor. Not that he’d be averse to any raunchy shenanigans; the guy was introduced in the game with his pants down and refused to pull the bastards back up for much of it.

There are only two things on Earth we can truly call limitless: the amount of different crazy-ass ways to amuse yourself in Grand Theft Auto V, and the amount of stupid ‘effing stupid subjects for Tumblrs that the interwebs can come up with. When these two things combine, it’s like a black hole of ridiculously entertaining uselessness, from which nary a non-demented thought can escape.

On that ominous note, make way for Trevor soulève des trucs (or Trevor lifts stuff). Now, if you’re going to name a website ‘Trevor lifts stuff,’ then you’d damn well better feature a dude named Trevor lifting things. Do you want a bunch of angry lifting enthusiasts bitching at you, their dreams of viewing a whole lot of lifting in one convenient location shattered? You do not. But there is indeed a great deal of that to be found here, as our gallery shows. So, for the most absurd use of the game’s selfie-taking cameraphone (and a player’s free time) we’ve seen thus far, this edition of the Whacked Out Week is dedicated to Trevor and his forklift.

trevorsoulevedestrucs, via Kotaku.