Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Ellen Page and the Hilarious, Ridiculous Fury of Youtube (VIDEO)

Gaming's Whacked Out Week-25 October
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This week, we bring you Beyond: Two Souls, a little oddity perhaps best known as y’know, that game with Ellen Page.

Not in the good way, though; you won’t be taking really-rather-hot Canadian thesps back to your love dungeon or anything of that nature. It’s less ‘game’ and more interactive drama story, much like the acclaimed Heavy Rain. In this case, we’re charting the life of Jodie, who was born with a psychic connection to a mysterious entity named Aiden. This allows her to read minds, perform Darth Vader-esque mind-stranglings from across rooms, and all sorts of other shenanigans.

Which, apparently, wasn’t quite crazy-ass enough in itself. Fear not, though, because Youtube is here to administer both barrels of the dipshit gun. Shesellsseashells‘ compilation of comments made on a recent Beyond: Two Souls trailer is… well, as demented, incoherent and entertaining as any other collection of Youtube comments. Still, with such wonderment as “What gender is this? Man or adventure?” on offer, you don’t want to miss this.

Via Kotaku.