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Darby Stanchfield Makes My Veteran Hottie Redhead Private Picnic List

You may know I have something of a thing for gingers. Me and forty million other guys it seems. Just something about those redheaded sextastic wonders that makes the world go round that much faster. Like the accelerated pulse I feel when seeing Darby Stanchfield, who somehow has flow beneath our radar despite being on about fifty different television shows in the past decade.

The now 40-something veteran hottie first came to my attention as the hot divorcee Helen Bishop on Mad Men. Now she's back in the limelight on the show Scandal. And, more importantly, when jaunting her slender hot frame about New York City in a form fitting blue dress, well, the spotlight of many new and interesting ginger fantasies. Let us agree never to forsake the reds. Enjoy.

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