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Claudia Romani Bikini Booty Flashing Once More on Miami Beach

For me, the Claudia Romani killer tush is like a beacon of storm in a sea of calm. It stirs up my waters, generates waves, and makes me feel like I'm crashing into something. Such good feelings.

The Italian model turned Miami Beach hottie tease has no trouble showing off her sweetly feminine body along the shores of South Florida; I have no trouble staring all the live long day at her hotness, and the buttockal sandwich I intend to marry someday. I imagine Claudia a few thousand years ago being the girl that a million Roman soldiers went to war over, but only one champion gets to bed. I would point out to Claudia that I was fifth grade ping pong champion at my school. I'm hoping that gets me into the 'bedding' category. Enjoy.

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