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Carrie is Real: Angry Telekinetic Girl Freaks Everyone Out (VIDEO)

What do you think about Stephen King's Carrie? I know a lot of tough dudes who got the heebie jeebies after watching the cult horror flick. In fact, my friends and I are having a special screening of various King movies this Halloween, where the highlight is going to be Carrie and her spine-tingling telekinetic abilities.

Several people who went in for their afternoon coffee fix got the scare of their lives, though, when they encountered a real-life Carrie in their midst!

Okay, so it isn't actually Carrie, but this is as close to Carrie as we'll ever get in real life.

The whole thing was a set-up, of course, all done to promote the remake of Carrie which will hit theaters on October 18th. Most of the people in the coffee shop were in on the prank, but the folks lining up at the counter aren't--so they're definitely the ones to watch when you play this clip. Enjoy!

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