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Bruce Wayne is STILL Pissed in This Oddly Emotional New TV Spot for 'Batman: Arkham Origins' (VIDEO)

Our ol' buddy Bruce isn't the sort of guy you'll find skipping merrily down the sidewalk, like Gene Kelly in fifties ballache Singin' in the Rain. No sir. Punchin' Criminal Gonads in the Rain is much more his style. He has had that pissed off scowl permanently etched on his face since his creation in 1939.

He has also had a damn good reason for being a furious ball of skull-shattering righteous vigilante death on legs. Witnessing his parents' murder at the hands of a mugger (a feat of bastardry generally attributed to Joe Chill) was the trauma that set the young Bruce on his terrible-yet-entertaining course.

Right about now, you're surely thinking: if only a melodramatic new TV spot for Batman: Arkham Origins had been released which illustrates this point. If only my friends at Egotastic had included it above, for my convenient perusal. Well, it has, and we did. So take a look, and watch in horror as a couple of stray bullets viciously crap on a young billionaire's childhood forever.

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