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Brooke Burke Bikini Pictures MILFtastic Poolside Down Cabo Way

You can count on two things when a sextastic celebrity. One, they will wear a stupid hat to prevent the sun from touching their skin, you know, despite the fact that they've traveled to a foreign beach resort to be under the hot sun. And two, we will capture them from a good distance and our tree lined telescopic lenses. So, without further ado, the beautiful, delicious, and all around veteran MILFtastic hottie Brooke Burke, somewhat blurry, but in a bikini, never out of our lust-fileld focus.

Brooke has borne something close to twenty-seven children, but still always looks amazing. If we had sharper images, you could examine her hot mommy perfection more closely. But I'd use the low resolution to fill in the blanks with your imagination of a sweet maternal figure needing a break from the kids, perhaps a bubble bath with my oversized loofah for 45 minutes? I assure you, Brooke, I shall not miss a spot. Oh, we do so love Brooke Burke. Enjoy.

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