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Bella Thorne Is a Full Time Working Starlet

I don't know exactly how teen labor laws work, but redheaded Disney machine beauty Bella Thorne has long since left the pretense of school or normal kid life in her rear view mirror, working full time in TV and now starring in the new Disney film, Alexander, which you can't help but see blocking traffic and filming in a million and one locations around Los Angeles.

In fact, last week I walked into a local pharmacy, to get some, err, powder, and the entire shop had been taken over by this film's production. I assume Bella wasn't there, since I searched every single nook and cranny of that store for her until security threw me out, but such is the pitfalls of being a man of great curiosity and passion. Bella Thorne is growing into quite the beauty. This won't be her last film. Enjoy.

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