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Amy Adams Cleavage for the Sweet Ginger Puppy Show-Off

I don't mind girls faking it, not in the least, it's how I do my best work really. I know she's not a natural red, but I'm still partial to Amy Adams. Just the illusion of ginger is enough for me. And when you throw in innocent girl Amy showing off a ton of cleavage at the New York Film Festival, why then this red has me feeling pretty flush myself.

It's a shame that Amy doesn't get a bit more frisky with her thespianic choices. She really does seem like a caged tiger, so much potential for delightful clawing and scratching, rather than just seeing the pretty animal pacing back and forth in a cage. I don't rule the world, not yet at least. You'll know the day I do for that is the day you will be able to see if Amy's carpet matches her drapes. Trust. Enjoy.

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