‘Destiny’ Drops More Gameplay Goodness; Moons us in New Trailer (VIDEO)

Well, no. It doesn't get its ass out. But it'd be a mighty fine, spangly-looking, next gen sort of an ass if it did. With better defined cheeks than Solid Snake's in those far-too-snug sneaking suits of his.

But we're homo-erotically stumbling off topic, so to business. Behold Destiny's rather sexy new trailer, titled ‘The Moon.' It demonstrates the origins of the hideous skinny flesh-beasts that will be our opponents in the game, as they attempt to overrun the city that is the last bastion of humanity. As we've mentioned previously, there's certainly a waft of Gears of War (and its Locust horde) here, with a similar interstellar bunch of bastards out to usurp us.

But official gameplay trailers for Destiny have been thin on the ground. So let's whet our appetites for this latest space-tacular venture from Bungie the right way: with two minutes of good ol' fashioned sci-fi gunplay. Take a look.

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