Yvonne Strahovski Looks Like the World's Hottest Barbie Doll

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Who doesn't have a thing for Yvonne Strahovski? Well, I suppose there are some detractors out there for any girl, but you people are not coming to my super cool mostly sausage fest pool parties. Because Yvonne is just plainly wicked hot, and in this photoshoot for TCHAD magazine, Yvonne is dolled up like a real blonde doll, not unlike my friend's sister's Barbie Doll with whom I had some intimate conversations as a child.

We didn't actually 'do it', you know, some girls dolls just like to talk. But she surely put some female imaginary type visions in my head that are flashing back before my eyes ogling the super hot Yvonne. Memories and mammaries, the sweetest parts of life. Enjoy.

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