Weird Japanese Commercials Starring US Celebs (VIDEO)

Celebrities will do anything for money. Proof? This compilation of weird and wacky Japanese ads by Distractify where actors, actresses, and the celebrities that you know and love do all sorts of weird stuff, all in the name of advertising...and endorsement fees.

You've probably already seen the ones that feature Nicolas Cage. I mean, who hasn't? But he's not the only one who saw dollar signs while reading the scripts (if there was even one) for these Japanese ads. Some of them are seriously crazy and are so bizarre that you'll wonder what the ad people were thinking when they cooked this stuff up. Either they weren't or they were probably high.

The weird thing is...that's precisely why these ads are so damn funny. Japanese folks loved 'em. You probably will, too. Have some laughs this Monday, care of Britney, Nic Cage, John Travolta, and the cast of these Japanese ads. Enjoy!

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