We Saw Leanna Decker in a Bikini, Now Let’s See Her Nekkid in Playboy


Well, that didn’t take long. You know our favorite new game could not be contained, meeting Leanna Decker this morning in her bikini on Miami Beach, we just had to re-introduce her more properly without any clothes on and flashing just one killer body, up, down, all the way around. Be still my ginger lusting heart.

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Thank you to our friends at Playboy Plus for this ridiculously boobtastic and body faptastic set of photos of Cybergirl of the Year for 2012, Leanna Decker. There’s absolutely no part of her that I wouldn’t like to pour milk over and play hungry hungry kitty. Yes, I share my feelings, you don’t have to back, but I’m a giver. And with Leanna Decker, I’d like to spend a few days locked in a mountain cabin doing nothing but giving. Enjoy.