This Twerking Girl is On Fire…As In, Literally On Fire (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel Twerk
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Twerking was all the rage, even before Miley Cyrus shook her ass all over stage and humped a foam finger at the VMAs. Twerking to her heart’s content in her very own room is Caitlin Heller, who looks pretty fine as she shakes and shimmies…until someone barges into her room unexpectedly and causes her to flip over and catch fire!

We’re not kidding. One moment, she was twerking upside down (we can definitely think of a whole bunch of other things she could do with those moves), and the next, she was landing hard on a table with candles and screaming while her leg catches flames.

The entire thing is every twerker’s nightmare. The video went viral, the twerker was invited for an interview on funnyman Jimmy Kimmel’s show, and eventually it’s revealed that Jimmy was behind the entire thing. In fact, you’ll see Jimmy rushing to the scene with a fire extinguisher to put the flames out in the full version below. Good one, Kimmel!