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The Top 9 Hottest Gamer Girls Bring Us Another Delicious Dose of Surprise and Arousal (VIDEO)

Who knew so many of our most belusted ladies have been bitten on the asscheek by the gaming bug? We sure as hell didn't.

We recently saw the spectacle that was Mila Kunis's addiction to Call of Duty and Jessica Alba's Mario love. What kind of nerdly revelations will be next? A pictorial of Kate Upton pwning noobs in her undercrackers (or preferably out of them) during a 17-hour MMO binge at an internet cafe in China?

Well, no. Not that. She didn't take any of our more avant-garde photoshoot suggestions. To ease our sweaty-palmed and fruitless wait for that, here's Vsauce with another slice of sexy gamer (allegedly) lady-dom; because even the most attractive of us have an inner World of Warcraft-loving nerd in grotesquely thick spectacles. Or so it would seem.

Part two of this ogling odyssey can be found here.


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