The Joker Brings the Crazy to the ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Tokyo Game Show Booth (VIDEO)

Batman- Arkham Origins TGS Trailer
Brilliant, bizarre business as usual.

Y’know, just in case you feared that he’d mellowed somewhat since the last installment. Spoiler: he hasn’t. The lack of Mark Hamill’s voice acting was a kick in the ‘nads, but this guy’s still giving us both barrels of madness.

So, the Tokyo Game Show has arrived, bringing with it all manner of Oriental gaming glory. Firstly, we have another heaping helping of gameplay from Batman: Arkham Origins (via IGN). After reminding us of the premise and the hefty price on ol’ Bruce’s head (fifty million dollars), this footage makes quite plain the predicament the Bat is in.

After some typically Arkham goon pummeling, our antihero hero is savagely manhandled by a foe, and thrown groin-first into the Joker’s abode. This nutbag appears to have gotten his hands on some of Wile E. Coyote’s favorite explosives (those are some toon-tastic plungers), and begins to play a fiendish trick on the Batdude with them as the footage ends.

Take a look, and enjoy the cameo from a random dude who was delighted to screw up the video by inadvertently wandering into shot.