TGS 2013 Highlights: ‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ Drops a Little PS4 Exclusive Guntastic Gameplay (VIDEO)

TGS Killzone- Shadow Fall Gameplay
That's one angry OWL.

Because sometimes, you’ve just got to pause on a hilltop to admire your own rather masculine soldierly kneecap. While a brief firefight rages below. Of course you damn well do.

Back at the Tokyo Game Show, we were also treated to a heaping helping of playable Killzone: Shadow Fall. Published by Sony since the first release in 2004, the Killzone franchise is exclusive to the PlayStation platform. So what can we expect from the latest, PS4-only edition?

Some rather spangly visuals, for one. Blood-leaky interplanetary warfare between the ISA (Interplanetary Strategic Alliance) and the Helghast has never looked so good. In the above gameplay footage from IGN, we’re cruising through a bright, charming forest, dispensing flaming bullet-justice to the various do-gooders who would oppose us.

Business as usual, then. Although there is a cameo appearance from Shadow Fall’s fancy new OWL drone, a little bot with an array of different abilities to support you in battle. Feast your eyes, ears and ‘nads.