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Stephanie Cook Bikini Pictures Drop Some Ginger Heat in Malibu

We've not really seen much of Stephanie Cook around here, a ginger model who seems to be popular among the advertising and commercial set casting for 'bodacious ginger with killer bikini body' for their promotional photoshoots. I'm not sure if Stephanie was on the job or not yesterday in Malibu, prancing around in her little green bikini, but either way, have I got a job in mind for her. Oh, please, get your mind out of the gutter. I wasn't talking about that kind of job, I was talking about fellatio. Some of you people and the way you leap to conclusions.

So maybe I am a bit inappropriate, but if there was ever the time to let the little man do all the thinking, it's when a wicked hot ginger with a ridiculously hot body comes stomping out of the surf like a siren you can't wait to make you crash into her rocky shores. Stephanie, you have made quite a first impression. Enjoy.

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