Reese Witherspoon Jogs So She Can Show Off Her Legs in Leather Skirts

There may not be a 1:1 ratio there, but I'm happy to see our delightful Reese Witherspoon is back to her Brentwood jogs in her little shorts. I'm not sure where Reese has gotten off to more recently, but seems to be law run-ins and various other entanglements that have kept her from her appointed skin baring sweaty rounds. We're glad to have her back. And Reese knows she needs to keep up with the toning exercises if she wants to be the mom with growing kids who can still pull off the leather skirt wardrobe option as she did just a few days ago:

Of course, we'd prefer to see the benefits of Reese's workouts without any clothes on at all. But leather is a solid second place, especially when it's cut into long strips and used for binding. I'm just musing here. Enjoy.

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