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Pixel Gaming: 'Game of Thrones' Goes 8-Bit (VIDEO)

Remember all the fun that you used to have with 8-bit games? They were extremely popular in the eighties but were eventually shelved as newer games came out. But the platform will never be forgotten.

One gamer who remembers is Abel Alves. He's bringing new life to old school gaming by injecting a bit of the new into the old with the 8-bit Game of Thrones game that he created. It's free, it's addicting, and it's awesome. The game doesn't skimp on the action so prepare yourself for sword fights, fluttering crows, and magical battles.

To create the game, Abel used the Arcade Game Studio software, a tool that is dedicated to recreations of the pixel-filled and much-loved game style of the eighties.

Check It Out: Game of Thrones 8-bit Game

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