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Party Like Bigfoot: YETI Tank Insulated Booze Bucket

If you're planning on throwing a big party, then you need the YETI Tank. It's an insulated bucket that can hold heaps upon heaps of beer cans and even kegs to keep your party going. After all, nothing kills a party faster than running out of booze, right?

You'll only grasp the gargantuan nature of the YETI when you find out just how much stuff it can hold--and boy, can it hold a lot of alcohol! Of course, it's can't hold everything in all at once, but it's still an impressive list and truly does stay true to its name. Here it is: 60 long neck bottles, 96 aluminum cans, 1 keg, 51 blue crabs, 98 slices of watermelon, 20 gallons of trashcan punch, and 2 bushels of oysters.

Check It Out: $199.99

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