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Paris Hilton Works the Cleave for Fashion Week

Naturally, being an icon of fashion and diligence and hard work, Billionaire Barbie was going to take her turn at our around the catwalks of New York Fashion Week. And while we do like to have a little fun at the expense of the partying/DJing heiress, we always give credit where it's due, and Paris is due a little credit for her pushed up gazoonkers and only being on the phone for two-thirds of her time at the event.

Actually, the phone part doesn't bother me as I imagine my short lived relationship with Billionaire Barbie to consist almost entirely of her taking an important gossip phone call while I get to see what has fascinated so many wealthy coked up men in the past. It's a win win. Paris gets to confirm her lunch plans for the weekend and I get to confirm some sneaky suspicions that not everything on Paris is completely nature made.

How many weeks does Fashion week run exactly?  Enjoy.

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