Nabilla Benattia Drops Serious Cleave at GenLux Release Party

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French reality star turned big boobtastic French TV actress Nabilla Benattia is determined to make her mark upon Hollywood during her time filming her various shows her for various Frenchy style TV networks. And, by make her mark, I mean show off her ample sized bosom to as much of the world as humanly possible, as she did the other night at the GenLux magazine launch party in Los Angeles.

Now, normally, I don't comment on anything fashion related as my own sense of female fashion has been described by most as lesser-Neanderthal, but, might I add that whoever designed that top for Nabilla deserves some kind of Palme d' Or or medallion for achievement in the cleavetastic. Meh, nobody listens to me. But I do know you're looking. Enjoy.

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