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Most Bad-Ass Barrel Ever: Breaking Bad The Complete Series

Need to catch up on some episodes of Breaking Bad? Don't even bother streaming or pre-recording it, because now there's an awesomer way to watch the entire series, and it doesn't involve recording the show on your TV box.

AMC and Sony Home Entertainment have just released Breaking Bad: The Complete Series and it's literally the most bad-ass barrel that was ever created. The set contains all 62 episodes in Blu-Ray and comes with over 55 hours of special features content. In case you can't get enough of the show, they've also thrown in a two-hour documentary on the making of Season 5.

What's a DVD set with just DVD in it? The Breaking Bad barrel'o'awesomeness also comes with a Los Pollos Hermanos apron, a collectible booklet (that contains a letter from series creator Vince Gilligan himself!), and a commemorative Breaking Bad challenge coin designed by Gilligan as well.

Check It Out: $224.99

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