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Miranda Kerr Braless in Black Tank Top (How Did She Keep Her Puppies Sheltered?)

Yesterday we got to see the lacy peaks of Miranda Kerrpeaking out from beneath her fancy dress, today the uber-sextastic lingerie and fashion model decided to go with just the tank top around New York City, barely containing her peaches beneath. I'm not even sure how she got around town without flopping out of her top, I only know it means those particular prayers of mine went unanswered in that moment.

Miranda Kerr has been excessively frisky of late, ever since leaving V.S. really, flashing her top like a true international model should. As much as we will be forever grateful for all the wonderful visuals she gave us over the years with the lingerie brand, this new Miranda Kerr, well, she's got a lot of surprises in store for us. Consider me very excited by the near future. Enjoy.

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