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Miley Cyrus Nekkid in Explicit (But Covered) Wrecking Ball Music Video

There are rumors floating around the net about uncensored versions of this wicked new Miley CyrusWrecking Ball music video where the tongue-wagging twerking diva of the moment is more than just artfully covered nekkid, but given the reliability of Internet rumors, we're in wait and hope and see mode. In the interim, this is quite the batch of looks from the Pilates yoked attention crazy pop star who couldn't possibly get more gossip rag scandalous if she tried. And this Wrecking Ball music video is certainly going to try and heighten even the VMA bar.

I'll say this for Miley Cyrus, she knows what all smart music stars knows -- you can't possibly get too much attention for being too revealing or raunchy. It's simply not possible. Every groan and lament from the grown ups just sells you one more album or concert ticket. This is a good thing. Enjoy.

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