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Marcia Jones Bikini Pictures Shiver Me Sudamericana Timbers

You may or may not peruse swimsuit catalogs from South American nations like I do when there's no football on the tube, but you really should. I suppose great American novels are more educative, and spending time with your children seems to be something some people feel obliged to do, but you can find no higher purpose than to acquaint yourself with the beautiful Latina models of the swimsuit mode beneath the equator. Like Colombian hottie Marcia Jones in a bikini for Goddess Swimwear.

Now, I think I went to school with about eight girls named Marcia Jones, but none of them quite looked like this sextastica Marcia who I am most definitely jonesing for at the moment. That's a horrible pun, but it's the best I've got while I'm trying to figure out the international dialing code to order at least three of the bikinis Marcia is modeling. I do always ask for the ones used by the model, you'd be surprised as to the response I get. Enjoy.

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