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'Machete Kills' Looks Like It Was Made by a 12-Year-Old Boy (VIDEO)

Racial stereotypes, booby darts, and cock guns: These are just a few of the reasons Machete Kills looks like it was made by a bored middle schooler. But is that such a bad thing? After all, if you're reading Egotastic, you're probably in touch with your inner twelve-year-old. And like me, you'll probably enjoy wallowing in Robert Rodriguez's crapulence.*

Machete is back, and this time he's working with the U.S. government (as opposed to being set up by government officials). Mel Gibson plays a madman billionaire with an army of sexy assassins. Unfortunately, you'll have to sit through Lady Gaga in order to see Sofia Vergara, Amber Heard, Jessica Alba, etc., but all in all, it's a fair trade off.

Danny Trejo and the rest of the Machete crew slice their way into theaters in October.

*'Simpsons did it.'

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