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Latex Queen Bianca Beauchamp Breaks Nerdy Hearts as Jessica Rabbit

Icon of latex, Bianca Beauchamp, reminds us that Comic-Con is the gift that keeps giving the whole year 'round. It may have ended in July, but the wonders of nerd-dom have not ceased even this far into Autumn. Over the summer, at the Super Bowl of high geekery, she tortured some poor souls with her Jessica Rabbit get-up. Now we have this nifty video of her hottie hijinx.

Watch as she breaks one dorky heart after another by seducing and immediately dispensing with some pretty sad sacks at this summer's Comic Con. She coyly asks them "Wanna be my Roger Rabbit?" and "Can I have your phone number?" before cruelly sending them on their way. Come for Ms. Beuchamp's lithe latex-clad funbags, stay for the looks of geeky shame and awkward come-ons. For all those shattered seducees, remember: She's not bad -- she's just drawn that way.


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