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Julianne Hough Is to Low Cut Yoga Pants As I Am to Dreaming About Pulling Down Her Low Cut Yoga Pants

I'm not sure that was a proper analogy, but surprisingly strong perhaps if you'd seen my S.A.T. scores, forever battling with my credit score for somewhere around Ty Cobb's lifetime batting average. The point is, Julianne Hough in her blessed stretch pants, double blessed for their pubic in public low cut designer nature, well, they're driving me quite crazy.

Ever since Julianne gave up her official role as non-making of the sexy beard for Ryan Seacrest, she has been hitting the gym and hitting the public visual arena with quite the hot body. I'm sure when I leer for another few hours at her fine female form, there will be a little toe to be had as well. Yes, she is the complete package. And somebody's got to take the pants off of that package to hit the showers. Why not me? Enjoy.

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