Irina Shayk Bikini Pictures for Beach Bunny Pimping Time

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The marketing geniuses at Beach Bunny swimwear have delved deep into their singular bag of trickery once more, pulling forth Irina Shayk all sultry and hot in their bikinis for catalog sales through the roof.

You could literally sell any product by having Irina Shayk pose in a bikini, but I suppose selling actual bikinis makes the most sense. But don't tell me you're not coming to my kids lemonade stand first if Irina is there posing in her two piece and pushing glasses of sugar-water beverage for $1. If I was running for office, I'd say, sure I could tell you my policy positions, but how about instead I just show you Irina Shayk bending over in her bikini. Election day landslide. She's that hot. Enjoy.

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