Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Grand Theft Auto V’s ‘Serial Killer’ and Robin Williams the Badass Gamer

Last week, we saw crazy funster Conan O’Brien attack a surly strip club bouncer by means of a missile-firing helicopter. In Grand Theft Auto V, that is; that little doozy might’ve received a little more media coverage otherwise (the story may even have interrupted Breaking Bad… well, it wouldn’t have been quite that important). The game is all about the free-roaming sandbox goodtimes, as we know, but some mad bastards have taken the whole concept a shade too far.

The grim tale of the GTA V serial killer, complete with in-game cell phone shots of mangled victims, is a little too nuttily nasty. Fear not, though, because the ever-eccentric Robin Williams is also lurking about in the gallery. The hairy humor-monger –who previously named his daughter Zelda in honor of his love of the series– is more of a rabid gamer than anybody knew, and he’s damn well going to tell us about it.

Meanwhile, grown men almost cried when a certain Metal Gear staple was about to be excised from Metal Gear Solid V. Take a look above for the lowdown.

Kotaku brings us digital serial killers, Robin Williams and the beloved Metal Gear “!”.