Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Conan O’Brien Fills a Strip Club Full of Missile-y Justice in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ (VIDEO)

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Was any other game going to make crazy-ass news this week? It wasn’t.

Anyone with any semblance of interest in gaming has surely noticed the Grand Theft Auto V hype train cruising past. Now that Rockstar’s latest has been released, it has captivated players and infected social networks more effectively than teens’ bathroom mirror selfies. You can hardly venture onto Facebook, Twitter or the like without hearing of somebody’s latest criminal exploits.

Which is precisely the draw of the game. Los Santos is a vast and vibrant world, offering all kinds of experiences, distractions and sidequests. Bank heists, golf, real estate, car-hunting with a bazooka, cycling tours in the mountains… no Grand Theft Auto session is the same.

As such, the real question is: is there a right way to play? The real answer is: why yes, that’d be Conan O’Brien’s way. The crazy way. The wacky funster ‘reviewed’ GTA 5 this week in his Clueless Gamer series, and quite the shitstorm resulted. Why is he raining down righteous explosive justice on a strip club from a helicopter? You’ll have to check out the clip above.

Thanks to Kotaku for bringing us Conan’s virtual strip club rampage.