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For Your Girl: Clicktorix, the Smartphone-Controlled V'brator

Chances are you've left your girl lonely once or twice whenever you had to travel, and I'm sure she didn't like it. If you've got yourself a live one, then you might want to leave her something to get busy with while you're away. We don't mean giving her free reign to do whatever (or whoever) she likes; rather, we're talking about getting her a Clicktorix.

It's a cleverly-named v'brator that she can control using her smartphone. All she has to do is lie back, fire the app up on her phone, and the Clicktorix will get down and dirty and do the work to get her to the big O.

The people behind the device are trying to market it as some sort of calorie-burning gadget, but seriously, who even cares about how many calories are burned when this thing is used? (In case you're curious, it's 4.2 kilocalories per minute.)

Turn your smartphone into a pleasure control with the Clicktorix Smartphone Controlled Vibrator, a device that allows your lover to play good cop/bad cop by switching among its ten different vibration intensities, stopping and starting, and generally working you up into a rage.

Check It Out: $85

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