Elle Fanning Hip Hop Dance Classing (Because Hip Hop Dance Is More Fun Than School)

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When I was a similar age to Elle Fanning, we didn't have Hip Hop Dance classes, we had the coal mines and the iron works factories, and each morning, we trudged into them before high school to earn a few bucks with football being our only potential salvation. Now, it's possible I might just be remembering an old Tom Cruise movie, but, still, we didn't have girls in sports bras and stretch pants running about.

The girls would've been sent home from school and at men in robes would've beaten the stuffing out of any boy caught looking.  All so very complicated. And not nearly as fun as the way Elle Fanning is running about town these days, destined to make her own mark in the young Hollywood actress set as she comes into her own. Enjoy.

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