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Chen Yi Man Sextastic Selfies Warm My Chinese Cockles

Why not celebrate a little global hotness diversity on this American holiday. I mean, I'm happy to make fake excuses all day long to present a series of wicked hot selfies from Chinese mega model Chen Yi Man, who is giving a few hundred million happy feelings in their dungarees half a world away, why not you today?

Chen Yi Man is the star of many a hot girl media in the Far East, but thanks to our $27 budget for a tour of the wonders of the Orient, I can share in her wondrous special talents today here on Labor Day from the comfort of our own American iconic Apple laptop, actually made in Chen Yi's home country.  I accept this trade of goods with an open heart, because Chen Yi looks so damn good. Do try to control yourself. And, then, please try to control me, because I'm already biting down on a stick going through these delicious nuggets. Enjoy.

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