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Beard Koozie: The Snuggest Way to Hold Your Booze

You do so many things with a can of beer in your hands that it almost seems like your best friend. Almost. It's there when you play Assassin's Creed, it's there when your girlfriend is making you watch Twilight (and it's thinking 'shoot me now' alongside you, I'm sure), and it's there when you're having your annual Star Wars movie marathon with your best buds.

Heck, that can of beer is practically family. Even though you might change brands and varieties every once in a while, that beer can is a staple in most events of your life. It's there for you so much that it's high time for you to get something for it. (Am I actually proposing that you buy a thank-you present for booze? Well, yes. Yes, I am.)

What better thing to get it than a brand-spankin' new koozie? And an all-too-hairy one at that in the form of the Beard Koozie?

There's nothing else you can get as an accessory for that beer can, really, so a koozie is the only way to go. The Beard Koozie will keep your booze cool--in the literal sense and in the figurative sense, because it'll be the only can of booze in the room with actual sort-of facial hair.

There's even an opening to show off the 'mouth' of your can of beer. In this case, it's the brand's logo. The koozie is made from crafting fur that's fastened to an elastic, so fear not: no actual bears were harmed in the making of these koozies.

Get It: $7

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