Ariana Grande Cheerleader Goodness for Grande Fantasies

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I'm not exactly sure what is going to happen to many of your deeply devoted Ariana Grande fans when you see the plucky red in a cheerleader costume performing in Prospect Park in N.Y.C., but I can tell you what happened to me. First, like Bruce Banner, I tried to lock myself in a smash-proof safe keep. That failed as the beast within an not be contained. Then, I moved on to a succession of six increasingly cold showers. To no avail. Finally, I took a Rorschach test where I identified every single ink blot as a picture of myself and Ariana Grande entwined in a mating dance so intense and sweaty, that paramedics responded to the scene without ever being called.

Maybe you had a different reaction. But I'm guessing it was somewhat similar. Enjoy. 

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