Are You Man Enough for This Horror-tacular New Footage of ‘The Evil Within?’ (VIDEO)

The Evil Within Gameplay Header
This one's looking creepily promising indeed.

Resident Evil, for so long, has been survival horror’s A-lister. When the genre has needed someone to flash their ladyparts as they drunkenly disembark from motor vehicles, or marry a different famous ballache every week (well, not that sort of A-lister), Capcom’s scare ‘em up has been on call.

Lately, though, since the fourth game brought its ball-busting actiontacular sensibilities to the series, the ‘horror’ has been hard to come by. Our collective underpants have remained un-soiled. We need a new champion, one unafraid to send rotting shamblers bursting unexpectedly through doorways in the dark to chew on our gonads. We need The Evil Within.

This latest venture from Shinji Mikami (creator of Resident Evil and other madness, such as Viewtiful Joe) will supposedly bring a heaping helping of survival and horror back to… survival horror. It’s the story of Detective Sebastian Castellanos, an officer investigating a mass murder and walking straight into a supernatural shitstorm.

As this freshly-released prologue footage shows, it certainly has the gore, the atmosphere and the monstrous hell-beasts for it.

Source: destructoid.