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Today in Terrible Trends: A Trailer for the 'Ender's Game' Trailer (VIDEO)

Ok, fine, I'm pretty stoked for Ender's Game.

In case you've been on a space station for the past few years, Ender's Game is an upcoming film based on a series of bestselling novels by total prick Orson Scott Card. While Card is indeed a total prick, the books are basically Harry Potter meets Starship Troopers, but without magic or a pro-Fascism undercurrent. It's probably going to be one of those amazing badass little-kid-becoming-an-adult-badass-hero kind of things, like Harry Potter...but better...and in space. Everything's better in space.

BUT, there's a terrible trend that it just started. Today, Lions Gate Entertainment just decided to release a trailer for the trailer. Yeah. Granted, I've basically got nothing to do in my life but stare at trailers all day -- even if they are trailers of trailers, but what about the folks that have real jobs and real lives? What about them? They don't have time to be double and triple-teased by meta-layers of trailers.

What's this forty seconds of tease got to offer? Harrison Ford, for one. Ben Kingsley, for two. Operatic score? Check. Maybe trailers should only be this short. The actual preview thing (sorry, I'm sick of writing the word 'trailer') comes out tomorrow. So, y'know, clear your schedule.

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