‘The Best Dead Rising 3 Trailer Ever’ Brings All the Blood, Swears and Circular Saws You Could Ever Want (VIDEO)

Dead Rising 3 Trailer Header
That's going to be sore tomorrow...

If there’s one thing the Dead Rising franchise is known for, it’s en masse undead-mangling with an array of improvised weapons. But if there were a few more things, positively heroic levels of swearing and gore-amundo would surely make the list as well.

We’re pleased to report that all of these crazy-ass elements are being thrust into Dead Rising 3‘s every bodily orifice as we speak, ahead of its November release. The new trailer, via IGN, is a CG introduction to the latest dystopian shitstorm the series will call home.

E3 2013 yielded several crap-tons (don’t tell us that isn’t an official unit of measurement) of gameplay footage of this Xbox One exclusive, so this new clip is a rather different proposition. It’s like a campy, absurd old b-movie zombie film in four minutes. Fans of muscular zombies with shotguns, rolling cars and bludgeonings with impromptu circular saw/sledgehammer combo-weaponry won’t want to miss it.