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Taylor Swift Brings Her Red Hot Show to Los Angeles

I'll say this for Taylor Swift, for a show designed primarily for little girls, she does give the grown men a little something something to consider. While she's not the most curvaceous gal in the world, and she's definitely not providing much raunch factor, she is doing her best to hold her own against the stage show likes of Beyonce and Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani and other pop divas bouncing and gyrating an bending about their stage routines in form fitting outfits. Not exactly R-rated, but not like you're not going to notice her in leather shorts prancing about either.

I get the feeling Taylor Swift would be something of a high maintenance girlfriend, but for maybe just one night of romance, one night of unbridled passion, one night of Taylor Swift perhaps accidentally banging her noggin' into door post and forgetting about who she is, well, that could be something worthy writing a song about. Enjoy.

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