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Sylvie Van Der Vaart Bikini Pictures Continue Their South of France Dominance

Dutch hottie model Sylvie van der Vaart continued to dominate the diamond and pearl set down in St. Tropez over the weekend, with a multiple bikini weekend that featured both blue (above) and purple (below).

And while I use colors to define Sylvie's weekend, I really should use expressions of sentiment, profound feelings such as 'damn', 'dang', 'hot damn', and 'drool' to better describe the visual wonderments of this little blonde spark plug and her ridiculously hot body. I could get used to having a girl like Sylvie van der Vaart around my abode. I'd even remember to lower the toilet seats. And then hand her a wash cloth as a mint as would be my bathroom attendant responsibilities. Oh, Sylvie, please come live with me in your brightly colored bikinis. We could be so happy together, I mean, I could be so happy while you try to figure out the locks on my door. Enjoy.

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