'Star Trek Into Darkness' Honest Trailer Says What We're All Thinking

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It wouldn't be Honest Trailers if they didn't say what we're all thinking. It's their job, after all. Well, they've finally gotten around to taking Star Trek Into Darkness to task.

Look, I strongly didn't dislike Star Trek Into Darkness, mainly because I was once an orphan owned by the studio. It's the truth. I owe them one or two bones here and there. In strongly not disliking the film, I couldn't help but vehemently hate a handful of plot holes, tidbits, and inconsistencies.

Thankfully, HT laid them all out and I don't have to harp on any of them. I can just tell you to watch the clip, which includes a good chunk of the How it Should Have Ended goodness.

Oh, and Alice Eve hanging out in her barley-mentionables again. Because, who doesn't want to see that over and over again?

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