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Sofia Vergara In a Tight Dress Means a Must-See Movie

Jon Favreau's new comedy, Chef, seems more likely than not to be watchable, but when you add to the mix the addition of Sofia Vergara to the cast, you might as well make it a must-see in my book. Though Sofia will not be flashing her tops nor likely providing us with Miami Spring Breakers type peeks, her curvaceous Colombian body in tight and low cut outfits is more than enough to get me wanting to watch her from all angles as a I munch on eight-dollars of ten-cents worth of popcorn.

Here's a simple plan for making a successful movie -- fill it with hot curvy women with alluring Latina accents. Then add a car chase or maybe a bank robbery or a couple scenes where people outrun explosions and bullets, and you have yourself a hit. You don't really even need that last part. Sofia makes everything worth watching. Enjoy.

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