Sharon Stone: American Hero

Most of us already knew this: Sharon Stone is an American hero. If for no other reason than by being a crotch-shot pioneer from her Basic Instinct days.  Now, she's just adding all that icing on the muffin, er, cupcake, er, encouraging other actresses to go full nude more often. Yes. But why?

The old authenticity issue. As she explained to some people as part of her Lovelace junket:

I feel that it's so disappointing in films when you see the comforter taped to someone's chest. It takes you out of the scene and doesn't protect you from something within the scene.

She continued:

If you're inauthentically naked then it's distracting to the audience when you are naked.

Yes, authenticity is paramount to every role, especially if those roles suggest nekkidness. Ms. Stone, we can think of dozens, if not hundreds of young actresses who should be following your sage advice. Preach on.

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