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Sarah Jessica Parker Trots Out the Swimsuit for Grecian Yacht Vacation

I feel like two kinds of people travel the Grecian seas. Roman conquerors and really wealthy celebrities. I don't look good in a skirt, so I'm hoping to be in the latter category someday, at least the yacht owning income level, which I believe is two or three times minimum wage now, so I do have a ways to go.

But Sarah Jessica Parkerand her family have been out on the blue Aegean waters this past weekend, the fashion icon and Sex in the City star delving not so deep into her bathing suit style sheet to find a simple blue one piece. Flattering or less flattering, I'll let you make the call. More importantly, it does look like Sarah has at least put on a little weight since her previous skeletally inclined frame. It's a start. So too would be a bikini. You're still alive, Sarah, let some hang out. Enjoy.

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