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Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures for Yet Another GILFtastic Bit of Glorious Viewing

Rita Rusic not only defies age, she's helping many men half her age defy the very laws of gravity. Not the least of which is her lucky bastard 20-something boy toy who seems to be hanging around her Miami Beach visits these days, though we cut him out of the photos since men are stupid and boring and lame, while women are hot and interesting and awesome.

Especially 50-something GILFs with still spectacular bikini bodies who spend their days keeping their skin tan and their hearth ready to be poked. I think you poke a hearth. I live in Los Angeles. I wouldn't really know, but I would like to ask Rita if it was allowed. If we were alone, discussing how age is only a number, just like two, as in the number of minutes I'd give her my full burst of male passion. Rita Rusic in a pink bikini. Who would've thunk this could be so good? Enjoy.

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